Quest Online Store open for pre-orders now through Friday, 01/26/18.

Why purchase Quest Academy spirit gear?

Here at Quest Academy we offer a high quality, individualized learning experience, in a technology rich environment and most important, a classroom setting with teachers who care and truly know students and their needs. You see...we're proud to be RAMS and we're not afraid to show it!

About Us

Dr. Dave Bullock


First and foremost, here at Quest Academy Charter School, our goal is to provide students a challenging, technology-rich environment, enabling young citizens to become leaders prepared for the challenges of an evolving global community. Secondly, we want to give our teachers, students and their families a way to show off just how proud they are of being part of the Quest Academy Community. For this reason, we have created this online store.


At this time, Quest Gear can only be pre-ordered here on the Quest Online Store. We will open up our store for pre-orders at select times during the school year and will be announced in advance.


4862 West 4000 South, West Haven, UT 84401